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1 Pair Creative Home Washing Cleaning Gloves Garden Kitchen Dish Sponge Fingers Rubber Household Cleaning Gloves For Dishwashing Cooking Glove 1 Pair

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Description :Honana 1 Pair Creative Home Washing Cleaning Gloves Cooking Glove Garden Kitchen Dish Sponge Fingers Rubber 
-The left handed is a regular glove, the right handed is a sponge attached to each finger.
-The clean gloves are made of rubber for long lasting, repeated using and stick hand comfortable.
-Protect your hands and allergy.
-Powder-free disposable multi-use.
-Reusable and reduces bacteria & germs.
-Work wet or dry, easy to use.
-All-in-one for home and kitchen.
Specification :
Brand Honana
Material  Rubber 
Color  Yellow And Green
Weight  80g
Size  31cm

Package Includes :1 x Honana Cleaning Glove (1 Pair )

Latex material, not easy to be oxidized at room temperature.
The thick fingertips,full palm coverage design can grip better.
The surface of different types of materials make it easily do homework without hurting hands.
The right hand has a cleaning cloth and the left hand does not.



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